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Adding pounds to lose pounds.

Adding ankle weights to leg exercises during a workout increases the challenge. During a progressive exercise programme this can help to increase muscle mass which in turn will help burn more calories with every move you make.

One of my clients wanted to know how heavy the ankle weights should be. Since muscles adapt during progressive training over time the weight should be gradually increased to accommodate that adaptation. So my answer was simple, the weights need to be heavy enough to be a challenge during 8-12 repetitions and gradually increased over time.

With what seems like zillions of weights to choose from on Amazon I found a couple of choices of ankle weights which offer a perfect solution. I have put these in my website shop with links to take you directly to purchase via Amazon. My client bought the ones pictured and let me know today they're great; she is looking forward to using them this evening in our live online Legs, Bums and Tums Class at 6:30pm (London Time). I have added another option which appears good value for money so take a look if you're looking for ankle weights.

Buying from our website links does not cost you more for your item but we do earn a small commission which helps with the running of our website at this difficult time. All prices are correct at the time of adding to the site. All purchases, reviews etc are via Amazon.

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