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Conquering Covid Zoom Fatigue.

It's not quite the picture I wanted to represent how "tyred" we might be from zoom classes but it's what wix threw up when I asked for pictures representing "tired":-)

What I want to do is try to help participants alleviate "zoom fatigue". It wouldn't surprise me if this becomes an actual "thing". There are many ways to alleviate our fatigue of using online sessions as an alternative to live classes. In a world full of acronyms I thought I'd put together my own fund little gem:

  1. Reframe: We wouldn't have had access to live online technology during past crises such as the world wars.

  2. Opportunity: We are learning new skills if we are open to them.

  3. Time: We are saving time we would usually us to travel to and from sessions.

  4. Try: Try something new in your session - wear odd socks, a new shirt, tie a bandana round your head, you get the picture:-)

  5. Empty: Try to empty your mind of all distractions that are bringing you down at least for the duration of the session.

  6. Notice: Make a mental note of the positive effects of the session.

  7. Extra: During sessions be determined to make that extra little effort towards your goal.

  8. Get ready: Be ready for your session; try your camera and connection before the class starts; don't wait for the class to start before you realise you've got your shirt one back to front.

  9. Goals: Have a goal. It's easy for our minds and bodies to get down in the dumps if we don't do anything to maintain them.

  10. Smile: Sometimes trying something just silly might help to break out. Wear exciting coloured socks, those really bright items of clothing you wouldn't dare to wear outside.

I realise this acronym R***** E*** (I hope you've figured it out:-) is just a bit of silliness but you can make up your own.

We are awarding badges as part of our bit of fun for our members. Our first was the "Badge of Honour" for determination to exercise in the face of adversity because really, compared with past events, taking part in live online sessions can be seen as a luxury. We can all use this time as an opportunity to come out of the end of this crisis having gained something when we could have, and when others have, lost so much.

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