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How to book, setup and take part in classes.

If you are interested in joining classes but aren't sure how, this is for you. First decide whether you want to try an individual class or book a plan. First choose your class and click Book Now from the timetable. You will see the price per class and will be asked if you want to book this as part of a plan and shown the options. If the class is not part of a course you can book the class on a pay as you go basis. If you book a monthly plan a recurring payment will be taken each month. If you book a 1 month, 3 month or 12 month plan a one off payment will be taken which you can renew at the end of the plan. The cost per class or session is reduced the more you pay for upfront. You pay for your class or plan using your debit or credit card.

Once you have made your choice make sure you have booked your classes. This is done automatically if you book classes on a pay as you go basis. You will be able to cancel classes and join othe classes on your plan if you can't attend up to 30 minutes before a class starts.

Once booked a link for the class will be sent to your email very quickly. Just before the class click the link and you will be sent to the class. There you will held in the waiting room if the host has opened the link or you will be informed that you are waiting for the host to join. If you are new to classes we recommend starting 10 minutes earlier to make sure there are no issues with your setup. A Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire will be sent as standard to anyone who is new to Pilates and Physiotherapy Ltd.

Before joining a class try seting up your device/camera so that you know the camera can see you standing and lying down. Most people adjust their devices for the mat work exercises. If you have a device like a phone or tablet you will need something to hold it in position. I use an old music stand which does the job; find something that works for you. If you are using a laptop or computer you may benefit from purchasing a plug and go camera which you can sit on top of your screen on attach it somewhere that works for you. I will put one in the shop later on so you can see the type I mean.

You will need a dry space where you have enough room to move, comfortable clothing, a mat if possible, preferably trainers for Weight Management Exercise Classes. Participants should never do exercises which aggravate any problems they have. Anyone with specific problems can book an assessment first via the website. Any equipment during classes is optional unless it is a specialist class. This equipment can be purchased via the website shop.

Okay so that was a bit of a rush; feel free to let me know if I have made any errors which have you reeling about on the floor laughing or just have you plain old confused:-)

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