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The Proof Is In The Pudding.. Or Not:-)

I've never been a fan of dieting as all diets work on the same principle of reducing calories. My own theory of some diets is they give you such bad wind that you daren't go out in public to buy any food so yes you have nothing left to eat and so you reduce your calorie intake. I jest:-) I always prefer to recommend people eat a healthy balanced eating diet filled with everything they need in the right amounts. But the truth is many people don't achieve this and that's why more than 50% of people are now overweight or obese (as well as not doing enough physical activity).

I hate to say it but that has included me after taking on a sedentary job after years of healthy eating and physical activity levels. What is more frustrating is that I have found that as I got older (56years young:-) it is so much harder to lose the extra pounds once I put them on. A few weeks ago a very dear friend saw me teaching live online she was very subtle in recommending trying a blend detox plan (as if I didn't need more proof I was overweight than the image already looking back at me on the screen LOL:-):-). Very much against any kind of fad I wasn't really going to get the book. The next week, shock horror, the book arrived with a packet of pea protein! Blast.. this meant I was obliged to actually try it out since my friend had gone to the trouble of buying it for me:-( :-(

After a couple of weeks of following the plan I have been pleasantly surprised at how much healthier I felt and looked and yes I lost a bit of extra baggage. So, yes the proof is in the pudding, or not having regular puddings in this case. I don't recommend this for anyone with severe eating disorders with low BMIs and would always recommend they follow the advice of their dietician and multi-disciplinary team. However for people who do have a BMI over 30kg.m2 this plan could help to return to within a healthy weight range to reduce the risk of chronic health problems or reduce the severity of problems they already have. Thank-you to Jason Vale and his team who have produced a straight forward and easy to follow plan with some delicious recipes.

I have included a link to this book in the shop section of our website for anyone who is interested in purchasing this book.

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