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Using Small Equipment In Pilates.

We like to use small equipment for our classes. My 3 favorites are the swiss ball, foam roller and 8ft yoga band. Research supporting all three is ambiguous, i.e. some research supports and some doesn't support the use of these pieces of equipment. In group and private sessions however the use of this equipment can allow a participant to progress to a harder level without having to put more strain on problem areas like lower backs, necks, shoulders and knees. This week we will be starting to give alternative exercises to participants who have this equipment. It's perfectly fine if you don't have this equipment but if you do want to learn how to use the equipment effectively and want to buy this equipment to use in the classes you can click "shop" and purchase these items from Amazon via our links. We have sourced items at reasonable prices to save our customers time trawling through trying to find the best buys. Initially we have done this to help stop people buying the wrong items; but we do earn a small commission when you buy via our link without an extra cost to you. This small amount will help us to keep our live online service going during a trying time. If the availability of the items changes or you would like us to find other items for you please let us know at

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