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"Happiness, not in another place but this place, not for another hour but this hour"

Walt Whitman


Thank-you very much to my clients over at least the past 2 to 20 years (I will change this to longer if anyone offers a testimonial from more than 20 years ago)for very kindly writing the testimonials while I rushed online to build an online service during Covid-19 Lockdown.  I have a duty to protect the privacy of my clients therefore have used their first names unless they have given me written permission to use their full names.

"Since being involved in a car accident on July 10th 1993 I had been in constant lower back pain; I was told at that time that I had not incurred any injuries. I had previously sought advice over the years from other physiotherapists but to no avail. In 2018 an MRI scan revealed that a vertebrae in my lower spine had been displaced and this was the cause of my constant pain, the only solution seemed to be a spinal fusion operation. In April 2019 I met a client of Suzanne’s who suggested I contact Suzanne. After six months of following the Pilates exercise programme that Suzanne devised, I realised that for the first time since the car accident in 1993 I was able to sleep undisturbed at night, I had become used to being woken on a nightly basis by the pain in my lower back and had to get out o bed to exercise to try and reduce the level of pain so that I could go back to sleep. Suzanne has totally transformed my life with the regime she devised for me. I had over the previous years previously tried other forms of exercise but did not get any relief."

“Suzanne structures her classes so that the level of difficulty builds in an incremental way. She also, tailors the exercises to an individual’s strengths and weaknesses. This means that her classes are appropriate and achievable. You don’t end up dreading  or avoiding her classes as a result; but you do get to a high standard. 
She makes sure that you do the exercises correctly so that you get quick results.
If you have some physical issues that have stopped you from exercising in the past then Suzanne will get you through them without making you feel inadequate.
Personally she is very encouraging and fun to be around. 
It’s easy to recommend her"

Tracy 10/6/2020

Sue Watkins 11/6/20

"Suzanne’s classes build strength, flexibility, balance, confidence and tone.  Her one-to-ones and small classes are wonderful as she works with the particular needs of her students and even in her larger gym groups Suzanne gets to know everyone by name and any specific problems we have.  Suzanne’s teaching style is very clear, demonstrating each exercise and explaining throughout what to do and how the movement should feel and because she is a super qualified and experienced physiotherapist and sports coach, you know you are completely safe in Suzanne’s hands."

"Suzanne is a very professional and effective Physio/Pilates teacher. She explains the exercises really clearly and takes the time to ensure that you do them properly. She really helped me with exercises to manage pain and discomfort whilst waiting for a hip replacement."

Felicity 11/6/20

Kate 11/6/20

"I attended Suzanne's pilates classes at the David Lloyd for many years. This helped me to manage chronic shoulder pain from rotator cuff tendinitis and accelerate recovery from my shoulder injury.  Although there were up to 20 people in each class, Suzanne was always able to tailor the session to individual needs and ensure that everyone exercised safely and was able to work to their own level.  Having attended many pilates classes since that time, it is apparent that there is a wide variance in the quality and depth of knowledge of teachers. Suzanne is certainly a 'gold standard' teacher,  with the experience,  professionalism and enthusiasm to get the best from her students."

Janet Hamilton  (11/6/20)

"I have been having private Pilates sessions with Suzanne for the last two years and feel I have been really lucky to find her because not only do I benefit from her years of experience and expertise as a Pilates teacher but also from the fact that she is a fully qualified physiotherapist, with a degree in Exercise Science.  

Having started Pilates when at a very low ebb and physically in quite poor condition with neck and shoulder pain, restricted movement in my shoulders, knee and ankle issues and very poor flexibility in general, I now find myself massively improved, with increased flexibility, muscle tone, strength and balance and only rarely experiencing the neck, shoulder and knee issues, (inevitably as a result of having overdone things).   I am now even the proud owner of a pair of shoulder muscles that people can actually see, which I never thought achievable with all my shoulder problems!

As a Pilates teacher Suzanne is endlessly patient,  with a very upbeat positive outlook and a lovely gentle, sometimes wicked, sense of humour.  She is always able to adjust any exercise to fit not only my physical condition but also my level of grumpiness or fatigue so I  invariably finish her classes feeling relaxed and with a feeling of accomplishment.  I feel very lucky to have had her motivational presence in my life and can not recommend her highly enough."

"I worked with Suzanne when I had serious back problems.  She has

great knowledge of pilates exercises and is very good at tailoring them, in my case to exercise my back whilst protecting it.  She has great attention to detail to ensure the exercises are done properly.  She is personable and reliable and I recommend her to anyone wanting to learn pilates."

Phil Lee  (17/6/20)

Anonymous (11/6/20)

"I would highly recommend Suzanne for physiotherapy and Pilates. 


Her Pilates classes are excellent - I have attended the classes at total fitness for 3 years and have found my posture and balance improve dramatically. Suzannes classes at total fitness are always popular and I book a week in advance to make sure I get a place. She focuses on technique and posture and always ensures her class are holding the positions safely.  Suzanne ensures that the basics are learnt before moving up a level so that each exercise is performed correctly. 


I have also attended Suzannes fitness class during lock down which along with being good for overall fitness, is tailored to the individual group needs and includes good amounts of stretches for warming up and down which I've found seem to be missing or inadequate from some other fitness classes. I was a bit worried about joining a fitness class but similar to her Pilates classes, Suzanne works up slowly in each exercise so building up to the most suitable level. 


I have also had some private Pilates lessons from Suzanne and would highly recommend these. I have suffered with mild lower back pain for most of my adult life and since starting Pilates it has almost disappeared."

Anonymous (21/6/20)

"I had been attending Suzanne's Pilates sessions  for about twelve months when I suffered a severe fracture of my ankle in March last year.  When I came home from hospital she kindly came to my home for a series of private sessions.


Her professional approach at first helped me maintain some degree of fittness whilst I was not weight bearing at all. After that she gave me confidence to gain mobility. Her method was to help me interpret the hospital's instructions and together, the hospital physio, Suzanne and I worked hard to devise an exercise programme which has proved most beneficial.


I started going back to Pilates for a few months before the lockdown and we all agreed I had made a good recovery. I find I now have a full range of movement and a level of activity almost as good as before my accident.


I continue to be grateful for her sensitive approach when I was feeling very vulnerable."


Dr C B

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