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18 May 2020

Pilates And Physiotherapy Ltd: How We Got Here

Live Online Pilates - Exercise Classes Online - 1 To 1 Pilates -

Over 30 thirty years ago I trained for and started teaching swimming, then moved on to include Personal Training, Corrective Exercise, Matwork and Back Care Pilates, Spin, Exercise to Music, Aqua Exercise, and Strength Training.  I completed a BSc in Exercise Science with Sports and Coaching then a BSc in Physiotherapy. 


I became a Physiotherapist in 2013 working mainly in the Community and in Mental Health with clients living with a range of complex physical, medical and mental health challenges.  At the same time I kept on regular private Pilates clients, Spin and Pilates classes. 


My classes were full with people waiting outside but there was always the same issue with the Pilates group sessions.  So many people came to classes after being told by their health professional they should "do Pilates".  This included people with back problems for whom group classes were not appropriate until they had individual assessment and private Back Care sessions first.  My advice is always the same.. "you need an assessment and 1 to 1 (Back Care Pilates) sessions first".  Quite often people had paid so much managing their back pain before they came to me I can only imagine they must have wanted to save money by joining a group class.  Yes, absolutely 1 to 1 and Back Care Pilates costs more but that is because of the cost to train and the knowledge and skills needed to deliver this are far more.  Would you honestly want your teeth drilled by your hygienist!  And even then find your hygienist was very nice, had gleaming white teeth, looked the part but was not actually qualified at all to drill teeth (no offence meant to the great hygienists out there but I hope you see the point I'm trying to make:).

Covid-19 hit and I lost all my work overnight.  I was fortunate, many people lost their lives.


I moved 1 to 1 and small group Pilates and Low Impact Exercise sessions live online.  Most clients preferred it and I did too.  I found it more effective as I am able to monitor the small numbers clearer than in a large room without the risk of us all contracting the latest bout of flu or, as we have found in the last few months, a deadly virus.  During lockdown I have seen Pilates and Exercise instructor training courses advertised at £29!  I am shocked.  Don't be fooled by this; ask your instructor about their qualifications, certifications and for how long they have trained.  Any course offered at this price cannot provide anyone with the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to teach people how to instruct classes safely.

The changes have been the wake up call I needed to take action and provide live online Weight Management, Back Care, Pilates, Low Impact Exercise and Rehab Classes.  Our classes are for people of all backgrounds, shapes, sizes and ethnicities (I believe we are members of the same human family) who want to exercise without the higher risk of injury that high impact exercise can incur or simply for people who cannot, or choose not to, do high impact classes.  We use easy to follow teaching techniques to help participants get the most out of sessions and to help people work at their own level.

Have a look at the timetable so far to find out more and let us know what classes/courses you would like to see on what days and times.   Please sign up (it is free to sign up with no obligation to purchase).  The timetable is in UK London time so visitors from another time zone please translate into London time so that we can best accommodate you. 

We are also looking for qualified and motivated individuals to collaborate and join us on our journey.  So if you have skills, and evidence to back up your training to bring to the table to help people lose weight, reduce pain, improve or maintain their health and well-being then let us know we'd love to hear from you.



As we develop our courses, plans and this site we thank-you for your patience. 

Suzanne McCollum BSc Exercise Science, Sport and Coaching  BSc Physiotherapy

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