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How Do You Stand Your Tablet For Classes?

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Placing your device or even your computer camera in a position where it can capture you standing and lying down for matwork exercises has probably been the biggest challenge for participants. When I started teaching online classes I did everything from my Ipad. My music stand was the perfect solution. This stand was probably the bottom of the range I bought to hold my guitar music 20 years ago but it worked well using the diagonal braces to hold the Ipad. If you use this solution however remember a music stand is not designed to hold an Ipad so the screws have to be secure and one of the 3 legs should be infront so the device doesn't tip forward and land on it's face (also remember you are responsible for making sure the device is secure we do not accept responsibility for your device taking a nose dive and smashing:-). Now I am mainly using computer I still use the stand to hold my small camera as it is possible to get the camera in a better position than sitting the camera on top of the computer. Now I'm looking at the picture I'm bugged that the yellow wall that I have been painting with more than 3 coats is still yellow:-( Anyway that's beside the point....

What method do you use to hold your device or camera (it has to be available on a shoestring budget)?

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